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Planning and design with the soundscape in mind…

Soundscape Planning + Design

Hush Planning is the first urban planning and design firm to specialize in soundscape planning and design. We are committed to increasing public awareness of and access to healthy soundscapes.

Our work

Soundscape planning and design is a multidisciplinary field that merges the values and methodologies of city planning, urban design, environmental ecology, acoustics, and public health to preserve existing healthy sonic environments and to reduce the creation of new soundscape pollutants.

Hush Planning is a collective of soundscape planning and design professionals with experience in acoustic and soundscape ecology, environmental planning, urban design, community engagement and sound recording.

Asal Esfahani



Improve, protect, and preserve existing healthy and natural soundscapes


Produce and implement effective soundscape management plans


Enhance the soniferous experience in public spaces



Create opportunities for access to natural quiet



Record, document and archive sound



Reduce noise pollution creation


Maximizes public awareness and access to a healthy soundscape.  Like clean water and clean air, a healthy soundscape is a resource to which the public is entitled; without this resource we cannot build or maintain healthy communities.


The soundscape is a powerful shaper of our environmental experience and memory. By guiding the composition of a city’s soundscape, we can make sonic sense and reconnect with the rhythms of our community.


The constant presence of intrusive sound in our daily lives is harmful to our health—resulting in hearing loss, fatigue, and high blood pressure—and contributes to the loss of community and sense of place.


Communities can be the driving force in identifying their key sonic icons – their soundmarks. Through grassroots awareness-building efforts, citizens can promote their sonic environment to their benefit, aesthetically and economically.

Within the discipline of acoustic ecology, Hush Planning is pioneering the integration of soundscape management with urban planning and design.  We work with communities, organizations and government agencies.

Soundscape Management

We offer consulting services for the effective evaluation, design, or mitigation of the sonic footprint of sites of any size or character.

Sound Perception & Preference Surveys

Our perception surveys identify stakeholders’ opinions of sound sources.  Preference surveys can be conducted for general or site specific information. Our surveys inventory and identify positive and negative attributes of the soundscape. Preference and perception surveys can be used to guide future planning and development decision-making..

Community Outreach and Facilitation

We facilitate sound-related public meetings and outreach events.

Sound/Noise Mapping

We create visual displays of the sound marks and sonic phenomenon of a specific site for use in interpretive and educational programming.

Soundscape Design

Our team of sound designers, soundscape composers and sound artists can work with your program to develop soundscape compositions for short- or long-term events.

Field Recordings (Phonography)

We offer site- or sound-specific field recording services for a variety of purposes, including oral history, legal litigation, site modeling, and natural sounds libraries. Our field recording services can be tailored to specific location and duration needs.


Get in Touch

Hush Planning offers a range of professional services in soundscape planning, design and management. Contact us for to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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